MMA VS Boxing: Is the UFC about to make the biggest crossover card in history?

The MMA and Boxing world has waited on tenterhooks for the announcement of Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather for some time now- but could the mega fight top a crossover card, which see’s UFC fighters compete against boxers?

While there is still no official announcement on Mayweather vs McGregor, with the ever growing hype surrounding the match up, it would seem the fight is closer now than ever to being made. And why wouldn’t it be? If you subscribe to the old adage, ‘if it makes money it makes sense,’ the fight is a sure fire hit with fans on the Pay Per View market, and who wouldn’t want to see the biggest stars in combat sports throw down?

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t the first time MMA and boxing have crossed paths. In 2010, James Tony stepped up against two division champion Randy Couture, to answer the question- what happens when a professional boxer steps into the world of MMA? The question was answered and then some. Less than a minute into the fight Couture took Tony to the ground and never let the boxing champion return to his feet. Tony showed a lot of heart that night, but he also showed us what we already knew, without an elite level of grappling no fighter can compete in the UFC.

James Tony finished by Randy Couture inside one round
But what if the tables were turned? What happens when an MMA fighter steps in the boxing ring at the highest level? This un-answered question is the driving force behind the current trend of boxer MMA call outs, leading us to a crossover card that could break all records in the history of combat sports. Former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman believes this is an inevitability, and these crossover match ups could be very interesting- particularly in the case of Conor and Floyd.

“Floyd 100% is a way better boxer and has way more experience, and should definitely just dominate the fight and stay away, but the power and the difference in size make it interesting. He [McGregor] could be 175 Ibs that night, Floyd has never been hit by a guy like that.”

McGregor prepares for Mayweather
Other fighters from both codes have already put their names forward to fight as well. Most recently David Haye, and UFC light heavyweight contender, Jimi Manuwa, have expressed interest in facing each other on the same card- and how could we forget the fantasy match up between legends, Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Junior.

In a recent interview on the Chris Mannix show, UFC president Dana White acknowledged that he was working to get a deal done, but also stated if this was to happen it would be “a one and done.”

While many purists from each field will criticise the validity of such an event, maybe it would be just what the fans need. Not to prove that boxing is better than MMA, or to prove that MMA is better than boxing, but to prove once and for all that each discipline- despite their similarities- are for better or worse, completely different sports.

By Lewis Smith