“Crime scene,” Bernard Hopkins describes how Mayweather McGregor will actually look.

Boxing legend Bernard Hopkins has made his feelings clear on what he thinks of the coming super fight, between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Needless to say he’s not happy.


With the years most anticipated match up being confirmed for August 26th, in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas; less than a month before Canelo Alvarez goes toe to toe with Gennady Golovkin- its little wonder a lot of feathers have been ruffled in the boxing world.

But is Hopkins even curious to see how a fight between the pound for pound King Mayweather, and UFC’s Conor McGregor will look?

In a recent interview the TSN, the outspoken veteran made it clear that he’s not.


“Are you crazy, you asking me about some MMA guy fighting one of the pound for pound fighters in my era. Are you insane? Whoever sanctioned this, oh my god.”

“How did he get the credentials to be able to step into the ring with anybody of my status or his [Floyd’s] status. This is nonsense man.”

He went on ” you know what it’s gonna look like, it’s gonna look like a crime scene. That’s the best quote I can give you.”

While the fight seems largely unpopular amongst purist boxers such as Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya, fans around the world are clamouring to see if McGregor can pull off the unthinkable. A victory over the massively favourited,  Mayweather, would surely make it the biggest sporting upset of all time.